Support my book on Kickstarter!

As I gather up my monthly roundup of exciting reads, I’d be remiss not to mention my very own: my book is on Kickstarter!

My blog, The ADHD Homestead, is expanding to include its very first ebook: Order from Chaos. Order from Chaos features my signature combination of book-smart know-how and real-life experience, and it’s not just for adults with ADHD. It’s for anyone who’s struggled to get organized.

That’s right: if you’re currently struggling to organize your life, and you want to feel less frustrated and alone, you need this book.

Help me make it happen by supporting the Kickstarter today. If you can’t pledge any cash, you can still support this project by spreading the word to your friends. This is a unique book, part self-help memoir, part quick-start guide, and all the things readers love about The ADHD Homestead. And you can be part of its creation!

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