Excerpt of the Week #4

Second grade report card from an ADHD girlA month or two ago, I offered to write a guest post for author Gina Pera’s blog, ADHD Rollercoaster. The article was published on May 8, and to date I’ve gotten more positive feedback and comments on it than anything else I’ve written recently. The funny part? I wrote this article for me more than anything. I didn’t think about SEO, encouraging feedback with my concluding paragraph, or any of those blogging best practices.

And yet — here I am, reading sweet notes and comments from people thanking me for sharing.

Sometimes, when we’re writing, it’s important to remember that subject matter — and our connection to it — matters. A good freelancer can write about anything, but passion for an assignment shines through.

Not to mention the gratification of knowing my words deeply affected, and even helped, so many people.

Of course I recommend reading the full article on ADHD Rollercoaster, but here is an excerpt from the opening:

It was a typical high school scene: My friends stood in a tight knot against a row of lockers.

My boyfriend leaned against the wall, inching his feet far out so he was precariously balanced. The hallway reverberated with chatter, whoops, and slamming doors.

What came next may surprise you: With no provocation or forethought, I swooped my leg around and landed my foot against my boyfriend’s calves. He hit the ground hard. As I stared at him sitting on the ground wincing in pain, I was horrified—almost as though I had, for a split second, vacated my own body. What sort of person does such a thing?

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  • Again, your post is still changing lives and offering encouragement to those who feel beaten down. Your thoughts are vivid and the feelings clearly expressed.

    As a former magazine editor and newspaper editor, I can tell you these are qualities I value in a writer. On any topic. Keep up the great work!

    • Jaclyn Paul

      Thank you! I say I did it for fun, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to put it together just so. I’m so glad to see the positive responses to it.